This is a specialized area you are not likely to find other Real Estate Agents in Ghana venture into. We at SPHYNX have some level of expertise in this rather difficult area and we are proud to be in a position to offer professional advice when such advice is required.
In Ghana there are a number of taxes which are related to transactions in landed property and we are aware that most of these taxes are relatively unknown to most of our clients,
Ghanaians and foreigners alike, and there is therefore the tendency to overlook them.
SPHYNX is very mindful of ensuring that Clients honor their tax obligations and will be offering professional advice on the types of taxes clients will be encountering at the various stages of each transaction and the tax payable to the Ghana Revenue Authority, if any.
This is to ensure that Clients do not fall foul of any of the Ghana Tax laws and that taxes in these categories are accurately reported and paid.
In the course of transactions in landed property,clients are likely to be confronted by:
Acquisition Taxes
These are statutory fees and duties paid by purchasers and developers of property in the
process of acquiring good title to property. In this category, our tax experts at SPHYNX will
advise on Stamp Duty and Gift Tax payable.
Holding Taxes
Holding taxes are the category of taxes that an owner or occupier of property will pay while in occupation or enjoying ownership. There are a number of these taxes some of which are payable to various statutory bodies. At SPHYNX we will advise and ensure that landlords to honor their Rent Income Tax obligations to the Ghana Revenue Authority.
Realization Taxes
These are taxes paid on profits made from the disposal of chargeable assets. The tax paid on the profits is Capital Gains Tax and SPHYNX will advise accordingly.


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