Why should you use SPHYNX?

It can be difficult deciding on which Estate Agency to help you sell or let your property. We therefore decided to set up a Real Estate Agency in Ghana that will deal with house sales, rentals and management of high quality property located in Accra and all the other Regional Capitals.

Our simple ethos is to provide the very best property advisory service possible that will offer clients the style of service that we would like to receive ourselves. At SPHYNX we have made a concerted effort not only to go the extra mile looking after our clients, but also by explaining what each process involves especially in the face of complexities regarding the property market in Ghana.

This means offering additional Advisory Services on Property Valuation and Taxation relating to transactions in landed property. This is what we believe sets SPHYNX apart from other Estate Agencies / Realtors, contributing to our growth and giving us a competitive edge in all aspects of property management.

Our rule of thumb has always been to create and maintain a team of consummate professionals that far surpasses competitors in skill, in knowledge and in commitment, making the process of buying, selling renting and facilities management an exciting, seamless experience. SPHYNX is seeking to maintain high ethical standards and to strive to shine in every area of our business, while continually reinventing ourselves and regularly reviewing our structure and systems.


We invest in innovative technology to maximize results whilst offering a very personal level of attention to all our clients, regardless of the size or value of the property. Our reputation is growing steadily, with the high level of referrals serving as a reflection of our continuing success.




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