A major strength of SPHYNX is the powerful ability to market property properly in Ghana and at the international level. For our clients who wish to sell, we understand that exclusive properties require a bespoke approach to marketing. We take the instruction to sell your property as a privilege, an honor and as a very serious commitment to you. Once you have decided to market your property, the most critical factor is exposure to the maximum number of buyers and on instructions all details of your property will be added to our website in a matter of hours and placed in suitable media within days.

We pass on all offers you make on our houses to our cherished prospective buyers and will inform you promptly of the response. If the sale of a property is agreed, we will follow the sale and documentation through to completion keeping you informed all the way and assist you in any way we can.

At SPHYNX we work very hard to help you stay in control of your move, whether you’re selling or buying property.

We are passionate about making the process as simple and stress-free as possible. You can rest assured every SPHYNX Agent is highly proficient, will be operating to strict codes of conduct and will be dedicated to you. We are consistently meeting with our clients’ expectations and this is why SPHYNX is creating such a fantastic reputation with repeat referrals serving as a reflection of our growing success. SPHYNX recognizes that a good number of all property searches start online.

We have therefore found it very necessary to invest in I.T professionals who regularly update and monitor our website throughout the year to ensure that applicants from the comfort of an armchair can decide whether a property could suit their lifestyle to avoid needlessly visiting unsuitable properties and wasting valuable time. With lots of new properties coming onto the Ghanaian market you can rest assured, whatever your needs, we’ve just what you’re looking for.

Search our fully updated website at your leisure to register your details and one of our qualified staff will call you to discuss your specific requirements and keep you informed of suitable new properties.

With our website attracting hits from thousands of prospective clients every week, is now one of Ghana’s leading Estate Agency websites and is renowned for its innovative approach to showcasing properties. We give you our assurance that our website will play a pivotal role in the search for your ideal property. If you don’t see what you like why not go on our mailing list? Just fill in our simple form and tell us what you are looking for, we will do the rest.

We won’t waste your time sending you properties that don’t fit your requirements.Wrong choices should be avoided as your home is both a financial and emotional investment.


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